Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Colton Harris-Moore avoids the cops again, Run Boy Run!

Cult internet sensation Colton Harris-Moore hasn't gotten famous by making a viral video, although you can hear about his "adventures" through news stories posted on YouTube. You see Colton Harris-Moore is on the run from the police, and they are having a tough time finding the teen. Colton Harris-Moore was sent to jail for three years for burglary. After spending one year in a group home the then 17 year old escaped and has been on the run ever since. His facebook has over 40 thousand fans, but why exactly are so many people rooting for who is supposed to be after all, the bad guy?

If you are anything like me then you find yourself rooting for the criminals in the television show COPS, its not that I think they deserve to get away the vast majority of the time, its just that you never see it, you never see the criminals evade capture on COPS, but you know it happens all the time in real life. So I feel part of this Colton Harris-Moore obsession is related to that. We all know the bad guys win sometimes, but we very rarely get to see it ourselves. But rooting for criminals on COPS, a tapped broadcast, and rooting for Colton Harris-Moore have a very big distinction as well. The criminals never get away on the show COPS because those chases are edited out of the final cut, so when you root for the criminal in the show COPS you not actually rooting for something to happen, you are just rooting to see something that HAS happened. Colton Harris-Moore's saga is ongoing and he is a real criminal, that much is clear. He was originally arrested for burglarizing homes and stealing credit cards among other things, and since his escape he has been burglarizing again, but this time he is no longer stealing credit cards, just food and possibly cash while leaving a note. He has also stolen planes, boats and cars while avoiding capture, its like Grand Theft Auto come to life without the murder. So its not the same as rooting for the bad guys on COPS, and yet tens of thousands of people, yours truly included, can't help but root for the guy. Why is that?

I feel its because the vast majority of us have at one time or another thought about doing what this kid is doing. We've all seen the red flashing lights behind us when we are driving our cars, and we've all (or at least I have) taken a second to consider the possibilities if we just kept going but we know its dangerous, its not worth the felony evading charge to avoid a speeding ticket, and so we slow down, and pull off to the right. The Cops get the best of us nearly every time we bump into them, and here is a kid who despite his faults and criminal status has touched that desire in us by doing what we've always dreamed of doing, getting the best of The Cops.